Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fix Windows XP Log On/Log Off Loop

By: Dan Fischbach


Did you recently install some software and now when you try and log on to Windows XP it automatically logs you off? Not to fear! One of my customers recently found themselves in such a situation. After some Googling, I found a solution, and I’ve posted it here in full, technician-friendly, step-by-step form.

What you’ll need:

  • A working computer:
    • Your Windows XP CD
      • This CD must have Service Pack 1 or higher on it. If your CD does not have this, please see here for info on slipstreaming your original XP CD with the latest Service Pack. You do not need to burn the new slipstreamed version of XP to fix your computer if you don’t want to. Simply point Bart PE to the directory in which the XP CD is on your hard drive to burn the Bart PE CD.
    • An Internet connection (!)
    • A blank CD
    • A CD burner/writer
  • The non-working computer in question:
    • Drive that accepts CDs must be bootable (if it’s not, you shouldn’t be running Windows XP in the first place!)
    • Access to the computer’s Basic Input Output System (BIOS)

Got everything? Let’s get started!

2.) Using Bart PE

Set up your BIOS to boot to a CD drive, or better yet, try and see if your BIOS supports the selection of the boot device with a special key press (sometimes F8, F10, or F12). Worst case scenario is that you’ll have to set your BIOS to boot back to your hard drive when you’re done with the CD. Now, boot up Bart PE. When it’s done loading, you’ll see a dialog box asking for network support. Answer No. You’ll also see a minimized DOS box sitting next to the GO button. This is RunScanner. Let it load, and then when it disappears, you can start.

Go to GO -> Programs -> System Tools -> Remote RegEdit.


Once Regedit opens, go to File -> Import….


Bart PE should drop you in the root of the CD, which would be labeled X:. Select FixLogOnOffLoop.reg, and let it merge.


UPDATE Nov. 12th, 2007: Copy and paste the userinit.exe file using the A43 File Management Utility. Only do this if the normal instructions don’t work.

You should be good to go! Exit Regedit, and restart your computer through the GO button. Eject the CD, and with some luck, you should be able to log in to Windows XP without a problem! Good luck!

~Dan Fischbach

Special thanks to:
Bart Lagerweij

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