Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Four more Hayden s*x videos

stir.ph-by: Edgar O. Cruz | STIR Editor (Chief Agitator)
18 May 2009 | 10:56 AM

hayden kho sex video“Yeah,” answers Vicki Belo when daughter Crystalle Henares asked her if she had seen the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili “Careless Whispers” video.

Vicki had admitted Hayden and her are more than f___king friends. They have returned as boyfriend/girlfriend. The buzz is Hayden already got back his luxury SUV and high-end condo unit, both gifts from Vicki which she took back in their split last January. To start off Hayden on his own, Vicki is also going to build his own clinic. She did this despite Hayden’s confirmed streak of infidelity which is turning out to be psychological sickness.

It now appears the “Careless Whispers” video is just a preview to the release of the real thing: the Katrina-Hayden’s sex video!

First to come out is a 40-minute sex bout with Katrina Halili in what appears like a hotel room showing them in all kinds of sex including animal-style copulation. Two more videos are taken, before Hayden was notoriously popular, with a Filipina model that are

hayden kho sex video

18 and 27 minutes long. Another video is with a Brazilian model. Except for the last one, video qualities are exceptionally clear, indicating they were purposely videotaped.

To be released next is Rufa Mae Quinto’s sex video with Hayden. To preempt public opinion, Rufa Mae has admitted she has a sex video. She strongly denied this before. Another sex video with Katrina is coming out. These sex videos has been compiled in DVD by Quiapo pirates known as the “Hayden Video Scandal.” And everybody’s worst fears...Hayden’s sex video with Vicki.
Somebody’s clearly not happy with the Vicki-Hayden reconciliation. The buzz is the person releasing these

videos is the same ex-best friend who gave Hayden’s stolen laptop to Vicki that caused their split. As previously reported by STIR, this person and his group of friends tried to get even with Hayden to punish him for wronging thisperson’s girlfriend.

It’s clear they are back at it again. If not, why are these sex videos appearing only now?

“What can I do?” Crystalle Henares says in frustration when questioned how she feels about the reconciliation of Vicki and Hayden. Elder brother Quark Henares and Crystalle are openly against the relationship. They have warned Vicki that they will leave the family house if Hayden enters it again. But brother and sister cannot slam their mother out of love for him Crystalle reconsiders, “Ang important ngayon masaya ang mommy ko.”

When told about her mom’s sex video, Crystalle could only exhale, “Naku! Huwag naman!”

(***Due to the sensitive nature of the videos, STIR decided not to post them. This article contains nude photos and is not advisable to be viewed minors***)

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