Monday, May 30, 2011

‘Bubble Ball’ App Reaches 2M Downloads on iTunes : Game that Beats Angry Birds

Ansca Mobile has announced that 14-year old Robert Nay’s Bubble Ball has displaced Rovio’s popular Angry Birds Seasons as the #1 free title in the iTunes App Store with 2 million downloads, and counting.

Bubble Ball is Robert's first foray into app development, according to Ansca Mobile, the company whose Corona SDK he chose for developing the app.

According to Robert, the built-in physics engine was exactly what he needed to make his app a reality.

Bubble Ball, for those who haven’t yet tried it, is a physics-based puzzle game which has players guiding a ball to a goal.

Various objects are provided for the player to work out a path for the ball so that it reaches its goal.

Some objects can be manipulated more than others, while using gravity to your advantage is obviously the key to beating every level.

BubbleBall has been steadily climbing the charts since it was approved in December, and was named the App of the Week in the Corona SDK app showcase on January 9.

Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed, culminating in its #1 spot on January 13, 2011, Ansca Mobile is proud to confirm.

The Spanish Fork, UT 14-year old reportedly started work on BubbleBall with a competing development framework.

As he progressed, he realized that Corona SDK's was more appropriate for what he needed to create a game characterized by fun and addictive game play, so he went with it instead.

“We wholeheartedly congratulate Robert on his initial success and we are eagerly looking forward to his future creations,” said Ansca Mobile.

“Wait until he gets a little more experience under his belt and really unleashes the power of Corona SDK! Congratulations Robert, well done!” the makers of the SDK concluded.

Robert was also featured on Good Morning America!. See him here.

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