Monday, February 11, 2008

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 12

The 11th episode of the Prison Break’s 3rd season was one of the most riveting ones to date. It ended with the prisoners having 30 seconds to make their escape, leaving the viewers in the dark as to who makes it.

But, like any other hit TV show, parts of the story gets leaked and if you manage to piece all the new bits of information together, this is what you come up with for the remainder of Prison Break Season 3:

    ~ Only four of the prisoners escape: Michael, Whistler, Mahone and McGrady
    ~ Lechero gets shot in Sona, and TBag takes over the prison
    ~ Sucre gets sent into Sona
    ~ Michael sets up the exchange (Whistler for LJ) to take place in a museum. At some point during the exchange, shots are fired outside the museum and Sofia gets caught in the crossfire. Her fate is unknown at this point.
    ~ The Company finally takes Whistler.

    Full Video==> Epi: 12

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