Thursday, January 10, 2008

Charice Pempenco

The Filipina 15 yr. old talent with a great voice!

Ellen DeGeneres invited Charice Pempengco to sing on her show last December 19, 2007, after discovering the young sensation on YouTube. The girl can SING - I thought it was Whitney Houston herself when I found her other videos.

As a biography, Charice Pempenco was born on May 10, 1993 in Cabuyao, Laguna in the Philippines, so her age is 15. She is known as the “Young Diva” but also goes by “Cha”.

Charice made a name for herself in 2005 on a show called “Little Big Star” where she came in third, and she’s been heating up YouTube ever since. She’s set to release a few songs digitally one of these days.

Charice has been featured on the E! network, once on the Daily 10 with a headline reading “A Star Is Born”. The other time they named her Hollywood Royalty.

There’s nothing but more big things to come from this tiny girl with a huge voice.

Check out this video of Charice Pempengco. She recently appeared on Ellen. Charice Pempengco is a 15-year-old Filipino singer whose YouTube videos impressed audiences worldwide.

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