Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why Mary-Kate Olsen was called first?

By Gemma Jones and Stefanie Balogh in New York
January 25, 2008 12:00am

THE woman who found a dead or dying Heath Ledger in his New York apartment made four desperate calls to child-star Mary-Kate Olsen before she finally dialled emergency services, it was revealed yesterday.

In a panicked period lasting at least 10 minutes, Ledger's masseuse Diana Wolozin twice phoned Olsen - who was in California - after she found Ledger "cold to the touch" and in obvious need of medical help.

But instead of immediately calling for an ambulance, the masseuse scrolled to Olsen's number on Ledger's mobile telephone and called her to reveal the drama.

New York Daily News have reported that a police source said Wolozin's first call was "for guidance" - she wanted to check with Olsen before doing anything with her movie star client.

"She knows when something goes bad, you call 'insiders' first to see how to handle things," another source said.

Wolozin, who was panicking at the time, probably didn't realise how grave the situation was at the time and was seeking advice on how to handle the delicate situation.

As Ledger's distraught ex-fiancee Michelle Williams returned to New York from Sweden with their daughter Matilda, 2, yesterday, the frantic final minutes of Ledger's life emerged.

Ms Wolozin, 21, phoned Olsen - who authorities yesterday revealed had been involved in a relationship with Ledger - and cried down the phone: "Heath is unconscious, I don't know what to do!"

Police have revealed she spent nine minutes trying to reach Olsen three times, before they spoke during her fourth phone call after checking Ms Wolozin's phone records.

Olsen, the former Full House star, did not suggest to Ms Wolozin to call 911, instead telling her: "I'm sending my private security there."

In a second and more desperate phone call moments later, Ms Wolozin told Olsen: "I think he may be dead, I'm calling 911," with Olsen telling her: "I already have people coming over."

Police said the desperate emergency call at 3.26pm was made within 15 minutes of Ms Wolozin finding Ledger naked and "unconscious and unresponsive" after a suspected drug overdose.

Ms Wolozin tried in vain to resuscitate Ledger, following instructions from the 911 operator. The paramedics arrived shortly after, briefly trying CPR and shocking Ledger's heart with a defibrillator but the star was pronounced dead at 3.33pm.

Ledger's final hours became clearer yesterday. In possibly his last words, he told his friend Shekhar Kapr on Monday night to call again in the morning to "wake me up".

His housekeeper Teresa Solomon let herself into his sprawling apartment at 12.30pm on Tuesday and saw Ledger snoring in bed at 1pm when she went to change a light bulb in his ensuite.

"The last time I saw him he was lying down on his face," Solomon told The New York Post. "I didn't think anything was wrong. I thought he was sleeping."

Police yesterday said Ledger died between 1pm when Ms Solomon saw him snoring and 2.45pm when Ms Wolozin went into his room and began setting up a massage table before realising he was dead.

To a phalanx of waiting paparazzi, Williams last night returned to the Brooklyn home she had shared with Ledger, clutching Matilda. She held her daughter tight in the passenger seat as her black 4WD pulled up outside the historic brownstone.

It had been an emergency dash back from Sweden for Williams, 27, after learning of the death of Ledger - a man she had fallen for during the filming of Brokeback Mountain in 2005, when they played husband and wife.

Williams and Ledger, 28, never wed but shared a close relationship that included a once-happy family life with Matilda in Brooklyn.

Matilda's footprints and her name are stamped into the concrete outside their Brooklyn home, a reminder of happier times.

Clearly devastated by the loss of Ledger, Williams travelled to New York to be comforted by her mother Carla Williams and other family.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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