Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to Install a TV Tuner Card

As requested by McArthur on baDudOodz xXx ( profile @, here's how to:

Video courtesy of CNET

  1. Here is the abbreviated step-by-step process to install and configure the TV tuner card.
  2. Unplug everything from the back of the pc, so you can move it to a table or so where you can get comfortable, unlike holding it on you lap or so.
  3. Unscrew both screws(top and bottom), on the back-left side of the pc. To find it, you can follow the cover on the side of the pc.
  4. Slide out the case cover and put it aside.
  5. Touch the power supply. This discharges the static electricity from your body that might be harmful to the computer.
  6. Look for an empty PCI slot and insert it gently into it.
  7. Make all proper cable connections. No coaxial cables are included with the card, so make sure to have some prior to beginning installation. The manual should provide the procedures on how to connect the cable TV input, FM antenna, sound cable and IR remote receiver and so on.
  8. Before closing the case, ensure that a screw is put to hold down the card, just like all other cards in the machine.
  9. Close up the PC case and screw back in the both screws.
  10. Plug back all cables and cords.
  11. Power on the computer.
  12. Log in once the boot process completes.
  13. It will detect a new hardware, so you insert the CD that came with the Card and follow the instructions from the Manual.
  14. Complete it and install whatever software you are given.
  15. You have now installed your Tv Tuner Card!!!
  16. Give your self a round of applause!!!

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